Find out how your business can become accredited 

  • Does your business employ 1 or more migrant workers a year?

  • Do you currently rely on overseas skills to take your company to the next level, or simply keep it running?

  • Can you afford to wait to be accredited and risk delays or disruption to your hiring plans?
Download the free guide

Inside the free guide we explain the entire process including: 

  • The 3 new categories of Employer Accreditation, the criteria you have to meet for each category, and how to strengthen your application for whichever one you’re pursuing.

  • Key employment legislation you must be compliant with in both your contracts and your workplace processes in order to achieve accredited status.

  • How to get ready for the compulsory accreditation process.

  • And much more!

Download the free guideDownload the free guide

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Aaron Martin is Principal Immigration Lawyer at New Zealand Immigration Law. New Zealand Immigration Law is based in Te ata tu, Auckland – and provides application assistance to businesses that need to achieve Employer Accreditation with Immigration NZ.  

Aaron Martin is one of New Zealand's most highly regarded and experienced immigration law practitioners. He has extensive experience assisting individuals, SMEs, and large multi-national corporate clients. He has experience in general legal practice with over 20 years of experience and a thorough working knowledge of relevant tax law and commercial issues facing investor category applicants and migrants wishing to establish businesses in New Zealand.