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Partnership visa - Help with complex cases

We assisted a client who was facing difficulties obtaining a partnership visa with her husband. Due to having obtained residence as a partner of a New Zealander and then subsequently supporting a new partner (who he had since divorced) he was no longer eligible to support another partnership based application. After identifying a way achieve an outcome through the use of appeal processes, our client was granted the visa and able to stay in the country with her husband and family. Here’s what she has to say.

I was brought up in Fiji and came to New Zealand to study in 2013. Three weeks after I arrived, I met and started dating my husband. I also met his family around this time – including his son from his first marriage. I started looking after the boy and taking care of all of his needs.

After a year, we were sure that we wanted to marry. It was complicated, because he had already sponsored his first wife. They divorced five years ago, but it still meant that we wouldn’t be eligible for a partnership visa because he had also obtained residence as a partner of a New Zealander.

We knew it was going to be difficult, so we began looking for an immigration lawyer to help us. We contacted and approached so many lawyers but most of them gave up. They all said they didn’t want to take my case; it was just too difficult.

I had been looking at an immigration website to see what more we could do, when I came across a piece Aaron had written on immigration policies. I could tell he was sympathetic to migrants, so I decided to contact him.

Aaron developed a strategy for us using the appeal process. Aaron helped us file the first visa application, it was declined. That was expected and part of the plan. By then I was running out of time – I had found out my student visa was going to be cancelled as the college I was studying at was closing down. I was granted a visitor visa, but that only allowed me to stay for six months.

Aaron didn’t give up – he submitted an appeal to the Tribunal based on my special circumstances. Because I had been caring for my husband’s son – and now my mother-in-law who had two knee replacements – it was granted. The whole process took about a year. We started at the end of February and by the following February I had my residence visa. I will now get my permanent resident visa in 2 years, but I know I will be ok.

I give all of my thanks to Aaron. He was very understanding and very considerate – not just with our case but our financial situation as well. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone.


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