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New work visa rules create uncertainty


Recently the government announced new work visa changes. Aaron Martin says the changes have created enormous uncertainty for current visa holders and those currently in the system. And, with scant details for how these changes will be operationalised, the situation for migrants is very much a game of ‘wait and see’.  

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How the Talent skill visa changes will impact employers

TALENT work visa changes 2019 - picture of feet beside New Zealand flag

On Tuesday 17 September the Government announced significant changes to work visas in New Zealand. Aaron Martin, Principal Lawyer at New Zealand Immigration Law, weighs in on the impact the Talent Skill visa changes will have for employers.

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Employer accreditation – avoid the log jam and act now

Employer accreditation – avoid the log jam and act nownd Immigration is making changes to the Migrant Work Visa Category

The Government is proposing changes to employer-assisted temporary work visas. These include introducing a new framework for assessing all employer-assisted temporary work visas, and compulsory employer accreditation for those hiring from overseas.

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Employer Assisted Visas: addressing the unwritten trade-off…

Employer Assisted Visas

It has been announced that this coming November, changes will be made to the conditions of the post study work visa – the Employer Assisted Work Visa. We discuss these changes and the benefits for both migrant graduates and Kiwi employers.

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