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New EOI Fees: How Much and Why

Getting a New Zealand work visa

Leading immigration lawyer Aaron Martin discusses the reasons behind the new fees for individuals and employers. He’ll also share the most important thing you need to know about filling out your request for entry as an exception to the border closure. Beginning 10 August 2020, border exception requests will incur the following fees:  NZD $380 … Continue reading New EOI Fees: How Much and Why

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Work visa changes July 2020 explained

Significant changes to immigration rules around work visas were announced in July changes have supposedly been set up to “preserve and prioritise future job opportunities for New Zealanders” but in actual fact, they are very short-sighted – to the detriment of New Zealand’s industries, migrants, businesses and economic success.

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Immigration update for migrants, what you can do right now

Due to COVID-19, there have been a lot of delays and disruption to visa processing, and those changes have caused significant confusion amongst migrants. So, in this article, we’re outlining the best course of action and suggested focus for common visa types and scenarios – so that you know exactly where you stand, what you should be aware of, and what you should be doing.

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Stricter enforcement of labour market test introduced

As part of the changes to immigration law brought about by the Covid 19 crisis new guidance has been issued from Immigration New Zealand to immigration officers processing work visas in regard to assessing labour market tests.
This will have an impact on employers looking to fill roles from the skill shortage list. With more local workers now available, the labour market test has now become more stringent. We discuss what these changes will mean for employers.

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Visa priority processing new criteria explained

Understanding the priority of visa applications On 17 April, Immigration New Zealand’s workflow priorities had to make some big shifts to align with emergency legislation around COVID-19. Like many organisations, first and foremost INZ had to work around some stark realities – you can’t process paper-based applications if you can’t go to the office. So, … Continue reading Visa priority processing new criteria explained

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IMZ introduces practical immigration law changes – but what about the offshore migrants?

when will migrants be allowed to enter New Zealand

On the 4th of May, the government announced temporary changes to the Immigration Act to allow more flexibility to manage visa changes for the large numbers of migrants who are unable to leave New Zealand. Immigration law expert Aaron Martin from NZIL explains the implications for all migrants to the new rules. The temporary change … Continue reading IMZ introduces practical immigration law changes – but what about the offshore migrants?

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We need to protect our skilled labour pool, here is how we can do it …

 People may currently be unable to leave the country due to restricted airline services, other countries preventing arrivals, and a deteriorating position internationally. What does this mean for those who are here on temporary visas? There is an option that the government can utilise that we outline in this article.

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Guide to the Work to Residence Visa


If you are already working in NZ and think you might want to stay in New Zealand long-term, the Work to Residence Visa might be just the ticket. Our comprehensive Work to Residence Visa guide covers everything you need to know before you make your application

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The more things change the more they remain the same…

The changes to the culturally arranged marriage visa category deal with part of the problem: the part where one of the parties to the relationship is a New Zealand citizen or resident.They don’t provide any benefit for people who are on a work visa or a student visa who have a marriage arranged in accordance with their customs. read more about the flaws in the new visa category.

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Parent Category Visa ‘Grossly Unfair’ for Migrants

elderly migrant parent with grandson

Anyone who has settled in New Zealand will be affected by the Parent visa – whether they arrived two years ago or 20 years ago. Immigration Law expert Aaron Martin points out that even New Zealand citizens who migrated here half a lifetime ago are no longer able to bring their elderly parent to New Zealand – unless they’re earning a whopping $106,000 a year.
“A lot of people think it’s all about the migrants who came yesterday, but it’s not,” he says. Aaron Martin, New Zealand immigration law expert, explains.

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