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Changes to the investor category, pushed under the radar?

Investor Category changes 2017
  • Doubling the funds Investor 2 migrants must invest to $3 million
  • Removing the need for Investor 2 migrants to hold $1 million in settlement funds
  • Recognising higher levels of business experience and English language skills through changes in the points system
  • Increasing the annual cap of approved Investor 2 migrants from 300 to 400.
  • Rewarding investment in growth-oriented investment with incentives such as bonus points, priority processing, and a financial discount.

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Immigration law changes ahead

Immigration changes in NZ for 2017

How many migrants will be impacted by the proposed immigration law changes in 2017?

The government has set Immigration New Zealand the task of reducing the number of residence visas issued per year. The target for total migration is now 45,000, with 60% to come from the skilled and business streams. That’s about 27,000 people.

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