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Work visa renewal sorted within a week

Aaron helped me navigate new work visa laws resulting from COVID-19, allowing me to keep my accounting job.

Employed by an Auckland firm in the banking sector for the last two and a half years, Neha initially attempted to renew her soon-to-expire essential skills work visa herself. The result? A deluge of queries from Immigration New Zealand that she wasn’t sure how to answer. “I don’t know the format and I didn’t want to create a mess from my end,” Neha says.

Fortunately, while conducting her own research, she’d begun following New Zealand Immigration Law’s Facebook page after noticing that they were reliably current on the latest developments—and sympathetic to the plight of migrants subject to the new labour market test. A slew of five-star reviews convinced her to give NZIL a call, and she was booked for an appointment the very next day.

“They know what the rules are and what things we need to provide,” Neha says, “so I just asked them to handle my case.” Aaron sprang into action and quickly filed for an extension, as she had just four days left to submit her documentation. From there on, he handled everything for her, compiling a compelling case demonstrating that her skills were still in short supply.

“I was very happy with the service,” she says. “I went there just one time. I didn’t need to go visit them again.” Aaron and Gayatri handled everything on her behalf, contacting Immigration New Zealand for her and updating her by email.

“Within three days, I got my visa without any further questions from Immigration!”

Neha was thrilled with how quick and easy the whole process was and more than happy to pay for the peace of mind. “In the future, if I need it, I would go to NZ Immigration Law, and I would definitely refer them to my friends.”

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