At NZIL, helping people make their new life in New Zealand a reality is what we do best. We are truly passionate about what we do: We live the ups and downs with you, and we share in the joy of your success.

Here are some of our proudest moments, as told by the applicants themselves. While their names and likenesses have been changed to protect their identities, every one of these stories is real, transcribed from customer phone interviews at the conclusion of their case. We look forward to the opportunity to count you among them!

Read some of our client success stories

Help when partnerships end 


Facing the end of a partnership is a challenge, but Liam also found himself grappling with immediate deportation and a complex legal system. With Aaron Martin's expertise, he navigated from uncertainty to citizenship.

Journey to Feeling at Home in NZ


Read how Erik went from from being a reluctant visitor, to calling New Zealand home with the indispensable guidance of immigration lawyer Aaron Martin.

Renewed Kiwi Connections


Renewing a New Zealand passport can be a complex and stressful process. Anthony was able to navigate the challenges with the expert guidance of Aaron Martin.

Reuniting Family


Expert legal counsel helped Daniel and his family overcome complex immigration barriers to reunite in New Zealand

Help Avoiding Deportation


Facing deportation due to a minor offence? Aaron Martin guides client Philip through a turbulent time, building a case of good character & avoids deportation

Help Organising a Culturally Arranged Marriage Visa


Shahin successfully navigates the complex processes of securing a Culturally Arranged Marriage Visitor Visa with Aaron Martin's expert guidance.

Help Proving Partnership


Sofia's journey from Italy faced some hurdles after receiving a PPI letter questioning aspects of her application. NZIL helped her to navigate the situation to a successful residency application.



A minor conviction threatened to uproot Gary's life in New Zealand. Thanks to expert advice from Aaron at NZIL, he's now building a future, not fearing it.

Helping families stay together

Herbert Miller

The Miller family had a complex situation that made it difficult for them to get visas for their children, but it was unsafe for them to return to South Africa. With Aaron's help, the whole family were able to stay in New Zealand.

Helping businesses become accredited

Pedro Wylaars, General Manager, Zealandia Horticulture

Nationwide horticulture business Zealandia was facing constant skilled labour shortages, but becoming an accredited employer has saved them both time and money when recruiting from offshore.

Helping a single dad to defy the odds

Martin Ross

Aaron helped Martin, a single dad with no relatives in the US, rejoin his extended family in New Zealand.

Helping a client renew a work visa

Neha Singh

Neha had attempted to renew her work visa herself, but when new laws were introduced due to Covid-19, the process became more complicated. Neha sought expert advice from Aaron Martin, and within a week, her work visa was renewed!

An architect building his future here

Corey Allen

Corey Allen, an architect from California, needed a medical waiver in order to continue working in New Zealand.

Help with difficult cases

Asif Aman

Recently we assisted a client who had a criminal conviction to achieve his dream of becoming a permanent resident.

Help with complex cases

Saanvi Devi Lal

We assisted a client who was facing difficulties obtaining a partnership visa with her husband. Due to having obtained residence as a partner of a New Zealander and then subsequently supporting a new partner (who he had since divorced) he was no longer eligible to support another partnership based application.

Helping families

Tufa Schuster

We assisted in a case where a family adoption had not been correctly documented leading to an unexpected deportation order when our client tried to register their first child.

Helping businesses

Paul Hefer, Set Point Technology

We assisted in a case where an employer had found the perfect applicant for a specialised role, but the applicant was on holiday from overseas. We helped the applicant obtain a skilled migrant visa that enabled the employer to hire him.

Help that’s quick and transparent

Vikas Kumar

We assisted a new graduate with his application for an employer-assisted work visa quickly, so that he was able to accept a great job offer.

Help from outside NZ

Dianne Deagan

We assisted an employer who was based overseas to quickly gain a long-term working visa, after an employee was required to work in New Zealand longer than expected.

Help for special cases

Shareena Foster

We assisted a client with a disability who needed a medical waiver and a skilled migrant visa, despite a couple of unexpected implications that resulted in his wife needing the same.

Helping workers

Nikki Peck

We assisted a client who needed to hire multiple migrant employees get the right accreditation and helped the employees quickly get the appropriate visas.

Helping to make things less complicated

Viswanath Sidana

We helped a family who wanted to emigrate from their home country gain the correct residency visas, while they were still based overseas.

Helping to make NZ home

De Wet Nortje

We assisted a client apply and obtain a residency visa, filling the gaps and explaining the technicalities that had initially resulted in their visa to be declined.

Helping you stay in New Zealand

Ahmeed Usman

We helped a client receive a rehearing for a conviction that had led to a deportation liability notice. The client was discharged without conviction, the deportation liability was removed and we helped him gain permanent residency.

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