We needed to know our visa paperwork was all correct. Aaron showed us how to organise our application to get the result we needed. He made sure we knew what to do, and when and how to do it

Our American-based aviation consultancy recently had an opportunity to work with a New Zealand company. We sent our managing director to New Zealand on a business visitor visa, but it soon became apparent that the relationship between the two companies would be longer-term than we originally thought. We needed to apply for a long-term working visa for our director from within New Zealand, and, because we realised this only at end of the term of the existing business visitor visa, we needed the visa quickly.

The visa application as outlined online seemed fairly straightforward, but we needed somebody to assure us the paperwork was done correctly. We contacted Aaron Martin to help.

Aaron showed us how to organise the visa application based on various official rules and regulations, and was terrific at making sure we knew what we needed to do, and when and how we needed to get it done. Thanks to Aaron’s assistance we were able to get the director a special working visa to stay longer in New Zealand.

Aaron made sure the process went as smoothly as it could. He was extraordinarily patient and very detail-oriented in his approach, and we were very happy with not only the results that we got but also the approach to the process itself.

Aaron was clear, efficient, and helpful at all times. He coped well with the 16-hour time difference between New Zealand and New York, where I am located and even helped us with a recommendation for a tax advisor. He’s an all-round helpful and good guy, plus he laughed at all my jokes so what more can I ask?

Aaron has the experience, knowledge, and temperament to deal with any kind of client, however difficult, however disorganised, and however unsure of what needs to be done. I think he is someone who can benefit anyone who needs help in any immigration situation for New Zealand.

Dianne Deagan

Business Visitor Visa and Long-Term Working Visa

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