If it weren’t for Aaron, none of this would have been possible. He was very respectful and gave accurate and practical advice

Recently my partner and I tried to register our first child. That’s when we discovered my partner didn’t have the papers to be living in New Zealand. He was adopted as a child from Samoa, and it turns out his family never sorted his papers. So he’d unknowingly been living and working illegally in New Zealand for over 21 years.

I wanted to find a lawyer to help with our situation, and I needed it to be someone I felt I could trust. I rang several lawyers but they were very hesitant to speak over the phone and requested payment up front in return for information.

Aaron was different. He was very honest and offered up advice immediately. That’s how I knew we could trust him.

Aaron was very transparent in his services and always made the potential outcomes clear. There were no false promises. Within the first three to four months of working with him we were able to get a temporary 12-month visa. From there we successfully got residency.

It was a highly stressful year, but Aaron and his team were there supporting us every single step of the way. They made the experience a lot easier for us.

If it wasn’t for Aaron, none of this would have been possible. He was very respectful and gave accurate and practical advice. He also provided payment solutions to fit our financial situation. His honesty and integrity are the qualities that stand out the most to me.

If I ever come across someone who needs help with immigration, I will strongly recommend Aaron and his team.

Tufa Schuster

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