Our residency application had technical errors and gaps in information. I’m 110% sure we would have been declined if it were not for Aaron – he saved our lives

I was a professional rugby player back home in South Africa and my wife and I originally came to New Zealand so I could play here. Things didn’t work out with the rugby, so we both had to look for other work. Along the way we always did our visa applications ourselves – we struggled with the process but managed to get what we needed.

After 8 years of living here I qualified to apply for residency. The residency application was much more complicated. We attempted to complete it ourselves and went through the normal procedures, but Immigration New Zealand came back to us with a lot of stuff that was above us and things that we didn’t know anything about. There were technical errors and several gaps in information and the application would have been declined. That’s when we had to seek professional help.

My general manager referred me to Aaron, who he had worked with before. Aaron found out what had gone wrong with my application. He fought for my wife and I and got us residency. We couldn’t have done it without him.

Aaron is a champion man. He’s straight to the point. A lot of guys are all about the money, but Aaron takes interest in you as a person. He fights for you. I was surprised how above and beyond he went for us. A few times he didn’t even charge me for stuff – I’m not used to lawyers doing that! I’m very grateful to him.

Aaron is professional, he’s ruthless, and he gets the job done.

De Wet Nortje

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