Aaron understands the ins and outs of the immigration system and process

I’m the owner and director of an HR consultancy. One of my clients who I’ve been working with for 9 years went through an employment growth period and needed additional resources. The pool of successful applicants were from overseas, and needed New Zealand working visas. I hadn’t dealt with immigration law in a long time and was unaware of the process involved. So, one of my contacts in employment law recommended that I talk to Aaron Martin.

From a business point of view, we were confident we would get the required visas. It felt more like a paper-form exercise than a significant issue. However, for our eight employees going through a foreign immigration process it was a very anxious and scary time.

As soon as Aaron met with our employees he put them at ease. This was not only a result of his knowledge and expertise but also because of his extraordinary manner. He treated our clients not as cases but as individuals by sitting down with each and every employee and simply listening to their stories.

Aaron’s actions made it clear that everyone’s journey is important to him. He helped each individual employee map out their best course of action and the clear steps to be taken. He offered practical and pragmatic advice that really made our clients and ourselves feel like he had our backs and we were supported.

Aaron understands the ins and outs of the immigration system and process. He always provided the correct information for each of our employees regardless of which country they came from. Aaron’s high level of skill matched with his depth of experience truly gave us outstanding outcomes, and the visas were turned around within 24 to 48 hours. It was extraordinary.

Aaron also helped our business go through an accreditation process as an employer. This was very laborious and required us to provide a lot of information. Guidelines on the Immigration New Zealand website are very unclear about the expected levels and the depth of information needed. But Aaron’s assistance really took the stress off our shoulders. He gave great advice about the entire process and guided us on the specific information required.

Aaron also used his knowledge and experience to keep us up to date with potential legislation changes and how they might affect us. Even now, when we are not actively working with him, Aaron still keeps us updated and in the loop about changes to New Zealand’s immigration system.

It’s easy to say that Aaron’s attention to his clients is very high, and goes far beyond what you’d expect. Whether you’re an individual or an employer needing help with immigration in New Zealand, I would without a doubt recommend Aaron Martin.

Nikki Peck

Employer Accreditation, Work and Residency Visas

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