I can’t thank Aaron enough. I’m still in shock at what I have been through and can’t register that it’s finally over. I’m so happy – over the moon. I have lodged my citizenship and feel as if my soul is smiling inside me

My residence permit was originally granted under my partnership. In 2012 I was going through a difficult time and I assaulted my partner during an argument. I applied for a discharge without conviction in the court, but it wasn’t granted. Then last year when I applied for permanent residence, Immigration New Zealand issued me with a deportation liability notice.

It was very upsetting. I couldn’t cope for a couple of months and was unsure what to do. I needed to stay in New Zealand – I have two children here, a brother, and my mother, who is a widow. I wrote a letter to the Minister of Immigration explaining that what had happened in 2012 was history and that I had changed. But that did nothing.

One of my bosses suggested I get a lawyer and he introduced me to Aaron. I knew that due to the conviction my situation would be a lot harder than usual. But Aaron is one of the top lawyers for immigration. He is very professional and knows what he is doing. He came up with the best ways of dealing with the problem. He managed to get a rehearing on my sentence, where I was discharged without conviction. This meant my deportation liability was removed and I could apply for permanent residence.

Aaron is the right person to go and see. He is very professional, good to deal with, and knows what he is doing. I reckon he is the best.

Ahmeed Usman

Challenging deportation, resulting in a Permanent Residency Visa

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