"We can't thank Aaron enough. He's an amazing lawyer and an incredible person. I'd recommend him 100% to anyone needing immigration services.”

Daniel* had always dreamed of living in New Zealand, but the journey to make that dream a reality was fraught with challenges. Just when he and his wife were on the verge of giving up, they turned to Aaron. 

Originally from Malaysia, Daniel, his wife, and their five children first arrived in New Zealand in the 1990s, full of hope for a permanent life here. “We didn’t anticipate the lack of job opportunities and the high living costs compared to Malaysia,” Daniel explains.

With his job in Malaysia still available, Daniel and his wife returned there, while their children chose to stay in New Zealand. As their family grew, the couple decided it was time to return and enjoy their roles as grandparents.

They had hoped to do this by having their children sponsor them to come back to New Zealand. But immigration policies meant that wasn’t possible.

“We tried appealing through an immigration agent and even attempted an investment visa, but neither worked,” says Daniel.

That’s when Daniel’s son suggested consulting an immigration lawyer. “My son did some online research and noticed that Aaron had a strong online presence and had been featured in the media,” says Daniel.

Aaron’s approach was both comprehensive and transparent. “He laid out the entire plan for us in simple terms. We always knew what stage we were at and what to expect next.

“Aaron took care of all the documentation. Whenever we needed to provide proof or evidence, he guided us clearly. His expertise gave us strong confidence that we were in good hands,” Daniel adds. “Without Aaron’s assurance, we would’ve given up a long time ago. We consulted several other lawyers, but none were willing to take on our case.”

Daniel explains that Aaron was always realistic about the outcome. “He never over-promised. We knew it was ultimately up to the minister,” Daniel says.

Receiving their residency was a moment of pure joy. “We were thrilled. It was our final attempt, and we were prepared to leave. When we got the news, we knew all our efforts had finally paid off. We can now stay with our family permanently.

“What really sets Aaron apart is his compassion and willingness to help. Without that, he might’ve turned us away like other lawyers did,” says Daniel.

“We can’t thank Aaron enough. He’s an amazing lawyer and an incredible person. I’d recommend him 100% to anyone needing immigration services.”

*name changed due to anonymity


Daniel and his family reunited in New Zealand

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