Do you want to recruit candidates from outside of New Zealand to work in your business?

Found the ideal employee in New Zealand, but they’re on a working holiday visa?

Having problems securing a work visa for an existing employee?

How NZIL assists employers

  • Assess whether the person you want to employ has the capacity to secure a visa, and then secure residence over the longer term. (This second aspect is particularly important – there is no point in recruiting from overseas if your hire won’t be able to make a long-term commitment to your organisation)
  • Assess which method of work visa application is appropriate
  • Review whether your job advertising and local labour market search will be acceptable to Immigration New Zealand
  • Review the terms and conditions of the employment agreement to ensure they are within market standard
  • Guide you in regard to the documentation needed for the application
  • Guide your work visa applicant as to the documentation needed for the application
  • Make the work visa application on behalf of the new hire
  • Assist you and your work visa applicant in responding to any concerns expressed by Immigration New Zealand during the processing of the application
  • Obtain accreditation status for your business
  • Apply for a Job Check so you have permission to hire international workers
  • Assist your new recruits with their work visa application and visa application for their family members
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We can help you make the process easier

The increasing number of work visas being issued shows a need for New Zealand businesses to engage with Immigration New Zealand and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

Skill shortages are affecting many industry sectors from the trades to the IT professions, and employers often have to look outside of New Zealand for suitable employees.

Employers may also need to support applications for work visas for ideal candidates who are already in New Zealand.

Gain accreditation to simplify the process

Gaining accreditation with Immigration New Zealand can simplify many of the complexities of supporting work visa applications.

As part of the accreditation process a business owner must demonstrate to Immigration New Zealand that they are a good employer. We’ll help you make a strong case to Immigration New Zealand and help your business develop a pathway for the smooth recruitment of talent from offshore.

How do we work with our corporate partners?

We understand recruitment can be a costly exercise. We like to work in partnership with our corporate clients to give them the tools to deal with aspects of the work visa application process internally. We can then step in to assist with aspects that cause doubt or any emerging issues that necessitate our expertise.

Sometimes that involves reviewing a work visa application formulated by your HR team or the employee concerned. Sometimes it involves us stepping in to assist with an application that has run into problems. Alternatively, it may involve us managing an application through all stages of the immigration process to ensure the successful migration of that critical staff member.

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