NZIL specializes in assisting businesses through every step of the immigration process, including the critical Job Check application. As your trusted legal partner, we recognize the importance of this second gateway in the work visa application process for accredited employers.

Why is a Job Check necessary?

Until Immigration approves your Job Check, a work visa application cannot be. The approval of the Job Check generates the token that allows your new hire to commence the work visa application process.

The Job Check is an Accredited Employer’s way of getting permission to hire an international worker. Getting this step right is imperative because it sets the stage for what evidence of qualifications / work experience your work visa applicants need to demonstrate for visa approval.

To make an application for a Job Check, your business must:

  • Establish whether the role needs to be advertised. This will require determining whether your occupation (and the necessary qualifications or work experience requirements) conform to the Green list occupations. If not then you will need to advertise the role.
  • If advertising is necessary, you must make sure it complies with Immigration requirements.
  • Ensure you have justifiable data to demonstrate why local candidates were not suitable.
  • You will need to determine the ANZSCO code appropriate for the role and the necessary qualifications and experience you require match these, and if not, have an explanation as to why you require somebody more or less qualified for the position.
  • Establish the terms and conditions of employment that will apply and ensure those meet Immigration requirements.
  • Ensure wage rates meets Immigration requirements.

How we can help you with your Job Check application

Our expert legal team can assist by ensuring your advertisement not only complies with requirements but also avoids causing complications during the work visa stage.

We will identify the best way to present the advertising outcome to ensure success of the application. Moreover, we will meticulously prepare the Job Check, ensuring the conditions of approval align with the work visa applicant’s needs.

In case there are any inquiries or resistance from Immigration, we will be your dedicated advocates. Trust NZIL to guide you through the intricacies of the Job Check application process and help you secure the international talent your business needs to succeed.

If you want to negotiate the application process for your business yourself, we can still help on an as and when required basis for those difficult parts that you are unsure how to deal with, or if you just want a review of the application before you file it.

Get in touch with our team to discuss your Job Check application today