Once your accreditation status and Job Check have received approval, NZIL is here to offer seamless support for individual staff members’ work visa applications.

How we can help your business with work visas

We understand the intricacies of immigration processes, and we are dedicated to simplifying them for you and your team.

We can either make visa applications for your new hire or collaborate with them as they prepare the applications themselves.

We will ensure that they have the appropriate documentation to demonstrate compliance with visa criteria and all the necessary documents to ensure they meet the conditions of the approved Job Check.

We extend our expertise to assist the family members of your staff with their visa applications, ensuring a smooth transition for everyone involved if that service is needed.

At times, there may be alternative work visa pathways that could be more suitable for your staff members. With our wealth of experience, we can identify whether these alternatives might be preferable to the standard accredited employer work visa pathways, tailoring solutions to your specific needs.

Job change applications

If you’ve been fortunate enough to find a work visa holder already in New Zealand, we’ve got you covered. Our team can help you identify the appropriate applications you need to make as an employer, ensuring a seamless transition for your new hire.

At NZIL, we’re committed to simplifying the immigration process and providing comprehensive support for you and your team, so you can focus on what truly matters: growing your business. Explore our range of immigration forms and start your journey to a successful and streamlined immigration experience today.

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Contact our team today and find out how we can simplify your business' work visa and job change applications