New job site matches migrants with employers

NZIL has recently partnered with a new job search website set up to help migrants achieve their dream of starting a life in New Zealand.

NZ Jobs Search matches the skills of offshore migrants looking for a job in New Zealand with employers seeking workers where there are skilled migrant shortages. 

A natural partnership

NZIL is proud to have partnered with NZ Jobs Search and to have this valuable resource on hand for our clients. “Jobs are king,” says NZIL principal lawyer, Aaron Martin. “If you don’t have a job, your ability to get into New Zealand as a resident or as a work visa holder is very limited.”

NZIL has been seeing a high level of interest from offshore candidates making enquiries about work visas or residency under the Green List residence pathway. “We’re regularly hearing from migrants saying they’re keen to apply but are unsure how to find an employer looking for their skills.

“It made natural sense for us to deal with the question of ‘how do I get a job in New Zealand?’

We wanted to partner with an organisation that was dynamic and doing things a little differently. We found that with NZ Jobs Search.”

Filling a gap in the immigration process

On one hand, migrant workers are seeking jobs that match their skills, and on the other, New Zealand employers are in need of skilled workers to fills roles left empty from a huge labour shortage. That’s where NZ Jobs Search comes in.

The website was developed by recruitment specialist Debbie Rhodes. 

“We’ve got migrants that we talk to who say it’s too hard from offshore to try and get a job onshore,” says Debbie. “I also speak to employers who say it’s too hard to employ migrants when they’re offshore. 

“Because NZ Jobs Search specialises in overseas recruiting for New Zealand employers, we know exactly what skills are in demand. That allows us to make job searching a very simple process for migrants. They’re not left sitting in the wings hoping a job will come up – they very quickly know whether we have employers who need their skills. That means they’re able to make a decision very quickly about whether a move to New Zealand is right for them.”

Simplifying a complex process 

To be eligible for a New Zealand visa, a migrant worker needs to meet criteria and follow the immigration process. But this can be tricky to navigate. 

NZIL are experts at simplifying the immigration process with practical, expert advice to help migrants apply under the right criteria and lodge the best possible application. 

By partnering with NZ Jobs Search, NZIL can now help migrants find the ideal role and take another key step in their ultimate dream of moving to New Zealand. 

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