New Travel Rules For New Zealand


The New Zealand Government has introduced a new travel requirement for some visitors and transit passengers. It’s called the NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority) and travellers need to request theirs via the official mobile app or website.

What is the NZeTA?

NZeTA logo
The NZeTA is a new border security measure being introduced by the New Zealand Government on 1 October 2019. Some travellers who are eligible to travel to New Zealand without a visa will now be required to hold an NZeTA before their travel to New Zealand.

The NZeTA is not a visa and doesn’t guarantee entry to New Zealand. On arrival in New Zealand, travellers must still meet all existing entry requirements, such as holding an onward travel ticket, being a bona fide visitor and being in good health.

Who needs an NZeTA?

You are required to hold an NZeTA before travelling to New Zealand if you are:
• Travelling on a passport from a visa waiver country.
• An Australian permanent resident.
• A cruise ship passenger, regardless of nationality.
If you are a cruise ship passenger from a visa required country, you can visit New Zealand using an NZeTA, but you must be travelling both to and from New Zealand on the cruise ship.

Do visitors in transit also need an NZeTA?
Travellers from visa waiver or transit visa waiver countries who are in transit through New Zealand are required to hold an NZeTA from 1 October 2019, even if New Zealand is not
their final destination.

Who does not need an NZeTA?
New Zealand and Australian passport holders and travellers who hold a valid New Zealand visa do not need an NZeTA.

Where to go for more information
To learn more about the NZeTA and to see the full list of eligible countries, visit or ask your travel agent.

What is the IVL?
The International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL) is a way for you to contribute directly to the tourism infrastructure you use and help protect the natural environment you enjoy during your stay in New Zealand. Most visitors also need to pay the IVL which is payable at the same time you request your NZeTA.

When should travellers request their NZeTA and pay their IVL?
You should request your NZeTA well in advance of your trip to New Zealand. It can take up to 72 hours for an NZeTA request to be processed.
From July 2019 you can request your NZeTA and pay your IVL at The NZeTA is only required for travel from 1 October 2019, when it becomes mandatory.
If you do not hold an NZeTA when you check in for your flight or cruise, you will not be allowed to board. You may be able to request an NZeTA upon check in, but if Immigration New Zealand (INZ) cannot process the request in time, or if your request is refused, then you will not be allowed to board.

Check out the Immigration New Zealand website for more information.

Visit to find out if you need one.

Read our thoughts on the changes in our recent article: New electronic transport authority: a recipe for chaos and confusion?

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