Skilled Migrant Visa reopens: New 6 points details to be announced

Skilled Migrant Visa reopens: New 6 points details to be announced

The minister for immigration Michael Woods has just announced that the Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) visa would reopen under current settings while consultation was under way and the new 6 point system was set up.

The first selection will take place on 9 November for migrants with 160 points, with the points requirement then rising to 180.

Some of the roles usually accepted under the skilled migrant category have been moved to the Green List, which opened for applications last month.

The minister says the new system would, in the long term, make eligibility clearer, and allow New Zealand to retain the talent brought in via the new Accredited Employer Work Visa, and complement the Green List.

The Creation Of A  New 6 Point System

6 points system SMC

The new visa would require migrants to reach a threshold of six points, which could come from a mix of training and experience in their field, qualifications, and income.

Under the simplified points system, the eligibility threshold is set at equivalent to six years of “human capital”. This means it would take at least six years for someone in the domestic workforce to gain that level of education, training and/or work experience.

Applicants must have at least 6 points to be eligible. This can be made up from:
• 3 to 6 points based on professional registration, qualifications, or income. People can choose the skill category that offers the most points based on their circumstances; and
• 1 point per year of work in New Zealand in a skilled job, up to a maximum of 3 points.

They would also be required to have a job or job offer in New Zealand paying at least the median wage, or 1.5 times the median wage for higher-skilled occupations.

“Our proposed changes include removing the planning range, so that all applications that meet the criteria will be processed. It will also include a more simplified points system, will set a clear, fair and transparent eligibility threshold and offer several ways for people to demonstrate their skill level.

“The proposed changes will also see a faster route to residence for very highly skilled migrants, such as university lecturers or scientists who hold a PhD, while other professionals such as teachers and registered tradespeople will have a clear route if they work for a period in New Zealand.

“The new system will improve processing times and there will be no cap on the number of people who can gain residence each year, if they meet the skills threshold.”

What you can do if you have already submitted an EOI

Those who have submitted EOIs can proceed, or withdraw and request a refund.

Proceed option

Those who wish to proceed must:

INZ will check selected EOIs to ensure the right number of points are claimed. Those who meet the points threshold will be invited to apply for an SMC Resident Visa.

Withdraw option

Those who wish to withdraw and request a refund should do so before 9 November 2022. Refunds are not available after the EOI has been selected.

INZ have asked for patience as we respond to the many EOIs expected to be submitted in November.

Those invited to apply for an SMC Visa have four months to submit their application.

All submissions are made online.

Once all of the new visa and points details are released the team at New Zealand Immigration Law will create an in-depth visa guide to assist applicants.

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