Moving as a family from South Africa

As a highly experienced clinical prosthetist, Johan changes the lives of those living with disabilities. In 2021, Johan and his family made the decision to make a change to their own lives by immigrating to New Zealand from South Africa.

2021 One-Off Residency Visa Phase 2 Category Opens Early

On February 22 Immigration New Zealand (INZ) is opening the 2021 one-off residency visa to people who have a Skilled Migrant Category expression of interest (EOI) in the pool, submitted on or before 29 September 2021. Up to 1,500 people will be able to apply each day.

Deportation Disaster Averted

When a minor criminal conviction threatened to split his family, a client needed our professional advice to have the best chance of avoiding deportation. Read how principal lawyer Aaron Martin was there to provide reassuring, clear, and compassionate advice.