Green List Residency Details Released

The government has just released the Green List residence policy details, including the fees and criteria in more detail.

The Green List is a new list of 85 occupations that qualify for a fast-track to residence or have access to a work to residence pathway.

The Green List fails to deliver for employers

The new Green List to fast track residency for some occupations fails to impress immigration lawyer Aaron Martin, who says it leaves out key occupations and won’t meet its objective to attract skilled migrants. He explains the problems and how some of them could be fixed.

2021 One-Off Residency Visa Phase 2 Category Opens Early

On February 22 Immigration New Zealand (INZ) is opening the 2021 one-off residency visa to people who have a Skilled Migrant Category expression of interest (EOI) in the pool, submitted on or before 29 September 2021. Up to 1,500 people will be able to apply each day.