Amandeep (Aman) Kaur NZIR-Provisional Licensed Immigration Adviser

Having negotiated the New Zealand’s immigration system at multiple levels when she came to New Zealand, she understands the importance of choosing the right person to represent you in your visa applications.

Coming from a teaching background in India, Aman pursued higher studies in New Zealand obtaining a Student Visa to complete her Post Graduate Diploma in Business. After arriving in 2015 she quickly fell in love with New Zealand. In 2016 she began gaining experience in the Immigration Advisory sector when she completed an internship. She has been involved in this field ever since.

Aman assists the lawyers at NZIL, by liaising with clients to collect the necessary information, data and materials for the application and help resolve difficulties clients might encounter in gathering documents or if they have questions about documents, processes or technical aspects of the applications she is preparing for them. She assists in getting cases moved through the immigration system by working with clients and the team at NZIL to prepare timely responses to requests for additional information, and helping prepare and document responses to technical issues.

She enjoys helping clients by making the immigration journey more straightforward through practical and prompt service.

She has extensive experience in temporary visa applications ranging from student partnership visas, accreditation status and job check applications for employers as well a broad range of experience across multiple residents visa categories.

Aman is dedicated to ongoing professional learning and is currently studying for her Graduate Diploma in New Zealand Immigration Advice. A moment enjoys exploring New Zealand new places and spending time with her family.

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