Immigration lawyers and advisers can help you achieve the best possible outcome, but not all immigration professionals are equal.

At New Zealand Immigration Law, we believe access to knowledge is access to justice. Our mission is to create opportunities for people to advance their futures. We are personally motivated to fight for our clients and help them achieve their dreams.

We are experts

The procedure for applying for a visa is complex – and rife with potential pitfalls. We know which strategy to take with your application and how to communicate your case clearly to Immigration New Zealand to give you the best possible chance of success.

When you submit a visa application, an immigration officer will evaluate your documentation to assess whether you meet the criteria. Applicants often submit incomplete documentation or fail to make a clear, compelling case that satisfies all applicable rules.

We will ensure your application is as strong as possible. Our applications clearly indicate for the evaluating immigration officer exactly how you meet the applicable criteria.

We make the process as simple as possible

We take the guesswork out of your application. We will clarify what you need to complete your visa application, saving you time, money, and frustration in the long run.

We can help you achieve your immigration goals by:

  • Advising you on which visa to apply for
  • Assisting you with your EOI points test (Skilled Migrant and Investor applicants)
  • Drafting documents, gathering evidence, and lodging your application
  • Liaising with Immigration New Zealand and following the progress of your application
  • Developing strategies to handle any objections raised by Immigration New Zealand
  • Assisting you in applying for character or medical waivers, if necessary
  • Developing and presenting deportation suspension cases
  • Preparing and presenting appeals

We charge only for what you need

We understand that no two clients are alike. While we offer all our clients smart advice, we also tailor our recommendations to your particular case. That way, you pay only for the services you need.

If your case is relatively straightforward, a few hours of guidance from principal lawyer Aaron Martin may be all you need to complete the application yourself. Other lawyers and immigration advisers, however, charge a fixed fee – primarily to cover time spent on administration and filling out forms. If you feel confident doing some of the paperwork yourself, you can save significantly. Of course, we’re also happy to do it on your behalf, should you or your case require it.

Whether you need questions answered, your evidence looked at, or the whole process done for you, we can help.

We care

As immigration law specialists, we deal with the human narrative. People’s aspirations of life in a new country with their family are at the heart of everything we do. We understand why getting the process right is so important, and we take your future as seriously as you do. We use our immigration law expertise to help make your dreams a reality.

Talk to our friendly and helpful team to see how we can help you resolve your visa issues.

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Need a Review of your Case?

If your case is more complex, consider our 60-minute Immigration Clinic. In this one-on-one appointment with immigration lawyer Aaron Martin, you can talk through your specific issues and gain insight on the best approach.

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