"Aaron was really supportive through this process. He didn't just see me as a client; he saw me as a person," Liam says

ICT professional Liam thought he was embarking on a new chapter in New Zealand when he moved here from Fiji. But life had other plans. Relationship challenges and immigration issues soon clouded the horizon, putting everything he had worked for at risk.

Liam arrived in New Zealand on a relationship-based visa, sponsored by his partner’s father. All seemed well, especially with a new baby on the way. However, the relationship with his partner began to unravel, strained by cultural differences and family dynamics. Liam found himself in a precarious situation – his visa was tied to a relationship that was falling apart.

As if that wasn’t enough, his partner took a drastic step. She reported the end of their relationship to Immigration New Zealand, putting Liam’s right to stay in the country in immediate jeopardy. Liam was facing the grim possibility of having to leave New Zealand, a move that would separate him from his young son and dismantle the life he had started to build.

Realising the gravity of his situation, Liam knew he needed expert help. “I spoke to a few lawyers, but none clicked,” he says. That changed when he met Aaron Martin. 

Aaron’s straightforward approach resonated with him, and they got to work immediately. “Aaron laid it out for me in very clear words. He told me where I stood, and I liked that. I like to deal with facts,” says Liam. 

Aaron guided Liam through the complex process of cancelling his relationship-based visa and applying for a work visa, a transition that was far from straightforward. Aaron also put Liam in touch with his colleague, Elaine McCabe, who stepped in to assist with family court issues. 

Over time, Aaron also helped Liam secure permanent residency and eventually, citizenship. “Aaron was really supportive through this. He didn’t just see me as a client; he saw me as a person,” Liam adds. 

Today, Liam is not just surviving; he’s thriving. His career in ICT is flourishing, and he’s made significant contributions to New Zealand’s economy and society. One of his proudest achievements is his charitable work in creating free websites for 100 RSAs (Returned and Services’ Associations) around the country. This initiative has breathed new life into these vital community organisations.

But it’s not just about career success and community contributions. For Liam, the peace of mind that came with securing his immigration status is priceless. “I don’t think I would have stayed in the country if it wasn’t for Aaron.

Navigating the legal landscape wasn’t just about the law; it was also about managing costs. “Working with Aaron, I always knew where I stood financially, which is something I didn’t expect from a lawyer,” says Liam. 

“His upfront approach about costs was really appreciated. He guided me on what I needed to do to help keep my overall costs down without compromising the quality of my case.”

For anyone navigating the complex waters of immigration in New Zealand, Liam has one clear recommendation: “Go with Aaron. You won’t regret it.”


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