We have created a directory of our recommended consultants and service suppliers for
any other help you may need in New Zealand. These are businesses we have worked with
that specialise in migrant needs.

Trade Recruitment

Tradestaff are an Accredited Labour Hire Employer, so we can help you with your job search! New Zealanders enjoy a high quality of life, clean air and a connected community that welcomes everybody. We have branches dotted all over the North and South Island and a team specifically dedicated to helping candidates relocate and find work.

Kevin Kerry
Tradestaff Group Ltd

W: https://www.tradestaff.co.nz/about-us
E: international@tradestaff.co.nz
T: +64 (0)3 374 8210
C: +64 (0)21 686 620

Investment Advice

Since 2003, NEWTON ROSS have been providing individually managed investment account services to meet clients’ specific risk, return and cash flow requirements. With more than 18 years of experience of assisting clients from around the globe and our conservative approach, we are well placed to assist migrants with Acceptable Investment Portfolios to meet their Visa conditions.

Mark Steedman

Financial Adviser (FSPR No.503626)

Certified Financial Planner cm

W: https://www.newtonross.co.nz
E: mark@newtonross.co.nz
T: +64 (0)9 377 5777
C: +64 (0)27 200 1487


Lending and Mortgages

Working for you with forward looking advice.
Welcome home with lending advice tailored to your unique personal situation. We help with mortgage and business lending advice using all of the major banks available as well as second tier financers.

Jonathan Parsons & Anita Bedwell
Spratt Financial Services

W: www.spratts.co.nz
E: Jonathan.parsons@spratt.co.nz
T: +64 (0)9 307 8200
C: +64 (0)272013470

Commercial Lawyers

Davenports Law is a law firm dedicated to providing professional, crafted legal advice, for peace of mind.

Their focus is on the individual needs of every client by consistently providing innovative and practical business-minded solutions, presented in a down to earth and common-sense manner, resulting in successful outcomes.

Davenports law Specialises in Trust Law, Commercial Law, Property Law and Employment Law.

Davenports  Law
W: http://www.davenportslaw.co.nz

E: reception@davenportslaw.co.nz
T: +64 (0)9 915 4380

Real Estate

Crockers Property Management are a professional and accredited company specialising in managing rental property throughout Auckland.
If you have a rental property you need looked after, or are a tenant looking to rent a property, talk to us.

Crockers Property Management
W: www.crockers.co.nz
E: property@crockers.co.nz
T: +64 (0)9 630 8890

Tax Advice

Moving to or from New Zealand will affect your personal tax. New Zealand has preferential tax treatment for new migrants. We regularly advise migrants on their tax obligations and opportunities. If you are migrating to New Zealand the golden rule is to get advice before you arrive so you can maximise your opportunities.

Baucher Consulting Limited
W: http://baucher.tax/
E: info@baucher.tax
T: +64 (0)9 486 6200


Employment Law Advice

Mark Donovan is a specialist in employment law and civil litigation. Mark is available to give clear advice about employment law problems and to assist in the prevention and resolution of employment-related, and other civil, disputes.

Mark Donovan

W: http://www.markdonovan.co.nz/about-employment-law-civil-litgation-specialist/
E: mail@markdonovan.co.nz
T: +64 (0)9 550 9854
C: +64 (0)21 368 777

Hobson Wealth

Investment Advice

Whether you have just arrived here, or you are starting to settle in, you may still have assets overseas that you need to move. With specialist investment advice tailored to migrants, we will not only help you transfer your assets, we will show you how to make the most of them once they are here.

James Usmar
W: http://www.hobsonwealth.co.nz
A: Investment Adviser AFA, NZX Adviser
DDI: 09 363 8730 | Mobile: 021909741
Email: james.usmar@hobsonwealth.co.nz

Accounting & Taxation

Accounting and Taxation

Navigator Accounting is a full service accounting firm specialising in international taxation along with providing accounting support to a wide range of small to medium business and self employed sole traders.

Navigator Accounting & Taxation
W: www.navigatoraccounting.co.nz
E: info@navigatoraccounting.co.nz
T: 09 320 4947
C: 027 227 3412