Smoothing the Path to Employer Accreditation

“I needed someone to hold my hand through the whole process. NZIL was both professional and helpful.” – Peter

Peter, an employer with a unique hiring challenge, had advertised a role in New Zealand for months without attracting any local interest. Realising that he needed to employ an offshore worker, Peter found himself navigating unfamiliar territory. The stakes were high; he didn’t want to risk getting it wrong and falling under the scrutiny of Immigration New Zealand. That’s when he turned to NZIL for help with becoming an accredited employer, conducting a job check, and assisting his new hire with the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV).

The NZIL Solution

Peter engaged NZIL for their expertise in the immigration process. “It became abundantly clear that I needed expert advice,” Peter recalls. “I kind of figured that if I got it wrong, we could become a red flag to the immigration department, which would be the last thing we would need for a successful outcome.”

NZIL guided Peter through the Accredited Employer process, ensuring compliance with Immigration New Zealand’s protocols. The team also helped him conduct a job check, a crucial step that could have derailed the entire process if done incorrectly. “I needed affirmation by way of two or three follow-up phone calls, and then I was comfortable with it,” says Peter.

Peter found the NZIL team to be both professional and helpful, particularly valuing their patience and clarity when navigating the intricacies of immigration procedures. 

“They took the time to ensure I understood every step, even if it meant repeating things. Their accommodating nature made the complex process far less daunting,” reflects Peter.

As for his future hiring needs, Peter is confident that with NZIL’s support, he can meet any immigration challenges that come his way. “There was a huge level of responsibility on my shoulders, and that’s where it was really helpful getting advice from NZIL in a number of areas.”

“We have a huge level of confidence in what NZIL says, and we lean on them for advice. It was really helpful getting their expert guidance,”.

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