100 Class exceptions granted for the manufacturing sector

The government has just announced the approval of spaces for 100 critical workers to enter under a special immigration arrangement.  Economic Development Minister Stuart Nash says a border exception class has been created specifically for advanced manufacturing.

From Monday 14 March, a special category will allow 100 advanced manufacturing specialists earning at least $28 per hour, equal to the current median wage plus $1, and their partners and dependent children to enter New Zealand.

To be nominated for a class exception, a manufacturing business will need to demonstrate an immediate need for up to three advanced manufacturing specialists that cannot be readily filled domestically.

It must also demonstrate it is committed to supporting domestic skills growth, and that the nominated workers have appropriate advanced manufacturing skills to support advanced technologies and processes.

The Employers and Manufacturers Association will operate the industry nomination process by validating whether a company, role and worker meets the requirements for the class exception.

Once a nominated worker has been approved by the EMA, applications will be subject to general immigration requirements.

How we can help:

The application requires detailed knowledge of the correct ANZSCO code and description, as well as demonstrating that your candidate meets the required skills and experience. We can assist you to ensure that the appropriate description is used in the request made to the EMA. We can also assist in helping you prepare requests for nomination.

As part of the application process a business owner must demonstrate to Immigration New Zealand that they are a good employer, we will help you to make a strong case to Immigration New Zealand that you can and do meet all of their requirements, ensuring your business has a strong and secure pathway for the smooth recruitment of talent and much-needed workers from offshore.

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